Things to Do and Attractions in Portland

by George Shoun

Things to Do and Attractions in Portland

by George Shoun

by George Shoun
Attractions in Portland

Attractions in Portland

Portland is situated on the bank of Columbia and Willamette rivers in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. This place is famous for its nicknames – The Rose City, Rip City, PDX or even P-town. It is the most relaxed and friendly city with distinct and interesting neighborhoods, full of good restaurants and bars, coffee shops on every corner, locally-made beer pubs, and hundreds of food carts where one can try out food from around the world.

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Destination to explore in Portland

Food & drink in Portland

Portland is often known as the “beer-capital” all around the world with the most varieties and brands of beer made in local breweries than anywhere else. Every year Rose city celebrates over a dozen beer festivals! Oregon is also becoming more known for wine, with over a hundred wineries in and near Portland, where one can taste the sample of any kind of wine including Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. These wines are specialties of Oregon.

Portland is also famous for its food cart offering food from around the world. Many food carts are open all day, so one can get breakfast, lunch or dinner at an affordable price.

Festivals & event in Portland

Portland organizes a great variety of culture and art festivals, music concerts, races of all kinds every year. One can enjoy portland’s festival & event any month of the year. here is no restricted month to visit Portland. Every month there is something new to do with chocolate tastings, Christmas performances, zombie walk, silly races and more.

Many places to visit in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is a place of natural beauty & exciting adventures. It is the place with the most diverse climate in all the United States. It has cool rainforests and hot deserts, ocean beaches and snow-covered mountains.

Here are some of the tourist attractions which are also a must-visit place:

  • Portland, Oregon Zoo

    It is most definitely a famous attraction in Portland. There are approximately 1995 animals to see in the zoo ranging across 232 species. It is really worth to visit this place.

  • Urban Forest Park

    Forest Park is located just outside Portland in the Tualatin Mountains. One can walk to explore this beautiful attraction and cater to a variety of abilities, there is something suitable for one.

  • Portland Japanese Garden

    This place should be on every visitor’s list. The Japanese Garden is the place that one should feel peace, harmony, and tranquillity when they enter. One can be spent many hours exploring the garden and admiring the beautiful ponds, trees, and bridges.

  • Portland International Raceway

    If one is interested in motor racing then one should not miss out on a trip to Portland International Raceway whilst in the city.


The city is packed with lots of things to do, neighborhoods to explore, and world-renowned restaurants to try. One could devote an entire weekend to sampling the amazing food carts, or hopping from beer bar to brewery, everything all together.

Whether one is visiting the City of Roses for a short time, here are some of the best things to do to ensure ones’ time in Portland is never boring.

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