Terms and Conditions – Cheap Airline Tickets

Terms and Conditions – Cheap Airline Tickets

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Cheapairline-tickets.org is in the business of booking air tickets and providing assistance related to additional service requests related to the booking.  The purpose of the terms and conditions of Cheapairline-tickets.org is to keep the costumers well-informed of the processes and policies and what to expect from our services and the obligations arising out of services thereof.

These terms and conditions is a legal “Agreement” or “Contract” between the Cheapairline-tickets.org and the customer and therefore it is mandatory for the customer to understand these completely and agree to it before availing our services.

Your registration will be completed only after you agree to all our terms and conditions.


The Terms & Conditions mentioned herein form the basis of the commitment between Cheapairline-tickets.org referred as “we”, “us”, “our” and the customer referred as “visitor”, “user” during this entire document.

“Booking Agent” or “Travel Agent”: Cheapairline-tickets.org is the travel agency that is in the business of ticket booking and reservations, providing information and advice related to the booking.

“Customer” or “Client”: They include any person who visits our website, utilizes any of our services, makes a booking through us on our website or phone and is a person on whose behalf a booking is made.

Terms related to the booking

  • The total price of the ticket includes applicable central & state taxes and is inclusive of all the other applicable charges like airport taxes.
  • It is mandatory for the customer to pay the whole amount for the entire booking upfront before we can confirm your booking
  • In case of a “No-show” from the traveler’s side, the customer won’t be entitled to a refund or partial payback.
  • We shall process all your Seat preference, Meals request and other special services upon request received from the customer provided it is allowed by the concerned airlines.
  • To avail such services, you will be charged with a service charge along with transaction fees imposed by the airline.
  • Cheapairline-tickets.org is not responsible in any way for any changes in the airline’s flight schedule. However, we shall inform our customer of such a change if the information is passed to us in time by the airline.

Our Limitations

  • By opting for our services, you agree that in any situation where Cheapairline-tickets.org is held accountable due to any reason, under no circumstances will our liability exceed the purchase price of your ticket after deducting all the fee applicable on the ticket.
  • Cheapairline-tickets.org will not be responsible for the decline of your card nor for any charges arising due to the card decline for whatever reasons including reasons like “short of funds” etc.
  • We reserve the right to review, modify, or change these terms and conditions anytime. The responsibility of checking this page periodically for updated terms and conditions lies on solely on the customer.
  • You also agree that in case of any issues arising out of using our services, information supplied on the website or otherwise, and issues related to the booking, you are under the obligation to first contact us and follow without deviations all the solutions provided by us before you resort to any further action.
  • By availing any of our services you agree and proclaim to be of age 18 or above. If you are acting on behalf of another person, the responsibility of having the proper consent for such an act from the third party lies upon you.
  • Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the lead customer to provide the correct details of all the parties for us to proceed correctly with completing your booking.
  • The lead customer is responsible for agreeing to our terms and condition both for himself and for all the customers in the booking.

Booking via Our Website

The responsibility to check all the details of the booking lies with the lead Customer and he must ensure that they are correct. In case of any discrepancy in the booking, the lead customer is liable to inform us of such error within 24 hours of booking confirmation. The name, as mentioned by the traveler, should exactly be the same as it is in the passport. If personal details furnished to us mismatches with the passport we will not take the name change request after booking confirmation.

Confirmation of Booking

Cheapairline-tickets.org will send booking confirmation along with the description of the Service(s) on the lead customer’s e-mail. In case the lead customer doesn’t receive the booking within 24 hours of booking, it is his responsibility to immediately contact our customer support number 1-800-871-7907 and inform us of the same.

Making Changes to Booking

If you need to make any changes to your booking or the ticket, you can call  Cheapairline-tickets.org. We will initiate the process of applying for the change/s provided the airline permits for such change and upon paying such fee the airline deems necessary. Cheapairline-tickets.org is entitled to charge any fee related to the change requested including any fee imposed by the airline thereupon.

Cancellation of Booking

  • All the bookings made Cheapairline-tickets.org will be subject to cancellation charges levied by the airlines. These charges may vary depending upon the type of booking, fare condition, and other related factors.
  • Some booking may be non-refundable as per the airline’s terms and policies and in such cases, we won’t proceed with such refund request.


Refund on a ticket is the sole prerogative of the airline and should the airline permit for such a request, the applicable amount after deducting charges and amount shall be refunded and transferred back to the original payment account used at the time of the booking. Customers should note that any such refund period is subjected to as much time as confirmed by the airline.