How to Get Cheap Airline Tickets – Book Cheapest Flight

How to Get Cheap Airline Tickets – Book Cheapest Flight

by George Shoun

Tip of the Day – Easy ways to Get Cheap Airline Tickets

There is no one size fit all solution when searching for cheap airfare deals. Every popular place has its high-season and shoulder seasons. Besides, the importance of time while booking a ticket plays an important part. Waiting too long can make prices shoot up or they may mysteriously drop if you book too early. There are other factors like traveling economy or premium class, domestic or international travel that can impact the price of a ticket.

However, searching for the best flight in your budget need not be like a needle in a haystack if you keep certain basics in mind.

Find Airline Tickets at Cheap Cost – Book Flight at Best Price

The Best time of the day to book Airline Tickets at Cheap

Countless studies show that prices start shooting up on Friday lasting through late Sundays.

About business fare: Monday mornings and Friday evenings are the favorite picks of frequent flyers and business travelers who fly the last minute and pay a premium price these days.

Conclusion: Wednesdays and Thursdays are considered as the safest bet to book the cheapest last-minute flight.

Never Shop Too Early or Too Late

Buying too early indicates your desperation for sticking to your schedule. This is quickly spotted by airlines and they are reluctant to budge thereof. Buying too late may leave you with the least choices and the desperation of other last-minute travelers further sore prices. There’s always a sweet spot to book your tickets based on the region you are flying.

Cheapest Months to Travel conducted a survey taking in to account 917 million airfares and came up with 6 popular booking zones.

Contrary to popular notion, taking the first dib between 169-319 days never helps. Prices are always pegged high, however, the best itinerary for any given pair of city with ample seating choices are available.

Prime Booking Window is around 21-121 Days when you get the best deals and fairs can be 10-20% lower.

Conclusion: Winning passengers are not necessarily early planners or last-minute bookers.

Domestic flights

Primetime to book a domestic flight is anywhere between the 3rd Week to 3½ months in advance.

International flights

International flights are less expensive around 2 months (at least) in advance

Get Amazing Deals and Offers on First Class Airline Tickets

Consider Budget and Cheap Airlines

Ultra-low-cost-carrier (ULCC) like Alaska, JetBlue, WOW air, Spirit, Frontier, and many more provide bare-bone fares charging only for transportation. But these airlines compensate by charging for everything right to a bottle of water so beware of their high add-on

Use Geo-Arbitrage and Split Booking

Direct flights are costly so break your journey, fly to cheaper split points to connect to the final destination. Utilize the local currency rate to your advantage, choose a budget carrier for onwards and use a  VPN site to book the ticket.

Ethnic travel agents, major brokers, and travel consolidators are well known for their unpublished fares. They deal in volume purchases and affinity prices that make them pass higher margins directly to their customers.

1-800-871-7907 has decades of presence in the market and works with the aim of offering the cheapest airfares in the market with complete booking support. We have a huge inventory on all popular routes and provide maximum choices on any single route.

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