Cheap Airline Tickets to Florida

Cheap Airline Tickets to Florida

by George Shoun

Know More About Florida, USA

Cheap Airline Tickets to FloridaThe southeasternmost state of the US has the Atlantic on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other and is marked by hundreds of miles of lovely beaches. The beautiful beaches of Miami and the Gulf Coast witnesses year-round sunshine. And with the world-class theme parks, a great art scene, and happening nightlife; there is never a bad time to travel to Florida.

The sunshine state is particularly known for College and University spring and summer break time and the best getaway for an ideal summer holiday.

The best time to visit Florida is between November and mid April. However, there is never really a bad time to visit Florida as the place is full of sunshine during winters too and it Florida tends to do brisk business during this season as well however with the advantage of cheap airfare by your side.

Flights to Florida are most likely land at Miami International Airport, Orlando International Airport, Fort Lauderdale International Airport, or Tampa International Airport.

Find Cheap Airline Tickets to Florida USA

The price of a ticket to Florida depends largely on which city are you taking your flight to. The cost of a  ticket is going to much more if you land in Miami rather than when you land in Naples. Fort Myer and Palm Beach International Airport, FL ( the 37th and the 23rd cheapest airport in the US) are the cheapest cities in Florida to fly. Florida’s Daytona Beach/Jacksonville are other underutilized airports.

Select Cheap Airlines Flying to Florida

There are many budget airlines like Spirit, Frontier, WOW, Sprint, and JetBlue selling flights for less than $200 for a round trip to Florida. These airlines charge for only the base fare for the seat and everything else carries a separate charge and that can be costly at times. Therefore, it’s important to travel light and only carry essential items.

Book Airline Tickets at Best Price Guarantee with JetBlue

JetBlue is one of the best budget airlines that offers flights to multiple airports in Florida. Get JetBlue Cheap Airline Tickets to Tampa Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, and Orlando. Its winter 24 hours flash sales is a huge success with tickets from Pittsburgh to Fort Lauderdale was up for sale for only $39 each way, and from New York City to Orlando was priced at just $69.

The airline also holds winter sales with cheap fares going as low as $59 one-way from Boston to Jacksonville and Newark to Tampa costing just $59. From New York to Tampa or West Palm Beach for $79.

These “Blue Fare” are Jetblue’s super-low fares that include a carry-on and a personal item but checked bags come for an additional $30 for the first baggage and $40 for the second.

Jetblue’s fall flash sales this year had fares as low as $20.

Find Airline Tickets Best Price on Frontier Airlines

Get Frontier Airlines Cheap Tickets to Florida. Their domestic travel sale is taking off so prepare for good discounts.

Contact Southwest Airline Tickets Booking Center

Southwest is also offering $19 one-way flights to more than 74 cities in the US. They are also offering cheap airfares to more than 100 cities in the US priced under $30. Southwest Airline’s cheap ticket to Tampa Florida falls under the $19 fare category.

Book American Airlines Tickets Online to the Florida Keys

American Airlines is a preferred airline as it operates maximum flights to all the top airports in Florida and also offers some of the best deals on Florida round trip & cheap one-way tickets.

Other major airlines that fly to Florida are United Airlines, Emirates, BA, and Virgin.

Best Places to Visit and Start Travel In Florida

The Florida Keys is a string of picturesque tropical land stretching 120 miles full of mangrove-and-sandbar with soft mudflats.  The Florida Keys offers a variety of most affordable vacation options and the best place to start your vacation in Florida. Try a water-based sport and surf the powerful teal water tidal bars or just chill and enjoy exotic seafood and beer at select sunset points.

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