Best Airfare on First Class Airline Tickets

Best Airfare on First Class Airline Tickets

by George Shoun

Find Great Deals on First Class Airline Tickets – Book Cheap Airline Tickets

Planning for the holiday of a lifetime to that dream vacation? Why not allow yourself to relax even before your flight starts and goodbye to travel anxiety.

Be pampered with coveted perks, never-ending champagne in your own apartment in the sky or just lie down and repose comfortably on a 6′ 10″ long double bed. Your time or peace of mind is worth the price of the ticket in the first class.

The first class luxury is a class apart and perks include huge private TV screens, expensive gift bags, seats with your name on, shower spas and heated floors and more.

To get into the mood most airlines have a chauffeur transfer and private channel for a fast-track boarding. In-flight, there’s a fully-reclinable seat a pitch of 92”. Suites have floor-to-ceiling enclosures with lightning and temperature control for ultimate privacy and an overall more tranquil travel experience.

You have the world-class top of the range wine and champagnes waiting for you, an onboard chef to prepare divine gourmet dishes for an ultimate pallet experience.

And, before you deplane take a shower in a private bathroom that’s big enough to hold a party for you and 5 of your friends. The net result is that you get off the plane well-slept and fully fresh sporting a prim hair cut that goes well with your fresh clothes. When flying in First Class, it’s not uncommon to score a celebrity as your seatmate!

Why First class So Famous and Expensive

But just because you want to enjoy the experience of VIP style travel, it doesn’t mean you have to fork over a fortune to afford your first class ticket. Did you know that the first class fare rate is what the market is willing to pay and everyone in the first class pays a different rate? Also, airlines don’t expect anyone to pay a full-fare on first class seats so they purposely set the fare high and discount it later to attract more customers.

When you need to book a first class ticket, do it prudently. You don’t need to play lotto to meet your first class airfare cost! At Cheap airline you can always find the cheapest first class ticket and highly discounted business class airfares which are the best in the market.

What’s more, you can make a fast and reliable booking and get 24/7 complete booking support right from the time you scour for prices till you deboard. Our dedicated travel advisor is here to do all the research for you, find out the best fares and get you a good deal of choices on any single route so you can pick the best option suiting your travel needs.

Our aim is to make flying in luxury and style in that fancy section more economical with our cheapest first class and topnotch business class flight rates on top airlines across the world.

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We offer the best fare in the market on all prominent first class such as Etihad Diamond First, Emirates First Class Suites, Singapore Airlines First Class Apartments, American Airlines Flagship, British Airways, Lufthansa Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas First Class Lounge, Air France La Premiere, Swiss Air, All Nippon, Korean Air Kosmos Suite, Oman Air, Thai Airways, Asiana Airlines and many more.

The best part is that when you book with us, you are never on your own. Our dedicated advisor is by your side for all your special requests, making changes to your booking, and provision any additional requirements for your travel and in-flight.

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Check out our cheapest deal to some of the top destinations from the US.

Domestic Airline First Class Deals

  • First class ticket from Dallas to Los Angeles on Alaska Airlines is priced around $297
  • Los Angeles to Las Vegas first class ticket for around $297 on Alaska Airline followed by Delta at $329.
  • San Francisco to Las Vegas first class airfare is around $317
  • Dallas to Las Vegas first class ticket fare is around $628

International Airlines First Class Deals

  • New Orleans to Cancun first class fare is around $652
  • New York City to Santo Domingo around $725
  • Las Vegas to Cancun cheapest first class ticket on Delta is around $762 at the moment.

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