Sun Country Airlines Tickets

Sun Country Airlines Tickets

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Find Sun Country Airlines Tickets and Flight Deals

sun country airlinesSun Country Airlines is a privately held company based out of Minneapolis/St. Paul international airport and mostly operates seasonal leisure routes. The airline’s main business is to fly people from cold places to warm-weather destinations.

Overall, the airline operates on 85 Trans Atlantic routes including 50 popular destinations in Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

When bigger carriers struggle to carry passengers during the summer season and shift their focus on yield, Sun Country caters to this big seasonal demand of value-oriented customers making travel to most popular destinations like Florida, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Los Angeles and Alaska really affordable.

In winters, most of Sun Country’s fleet flies from chilly locations like Minneapolis to warm-weather destinations in the south side of the US, the Caribbean and Mexico.

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Sun Country bare bone fares can be trickier for those who are not well-versed with the booking and the costly add-ons. Travelers should also take care to adhere to their strict luggage rule and other paid services like getting a ticket printed at the airline’s reservation desk. If you want to make a good saving on Sun Country Airlines tickets booking, we recommend you speak to our travel expert who can guide you with ways to save cost.

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Check Sun Country’s Baggage Allowance and Fees

Sun Country allows Baggage that fit under the seat for free. Overhead bag costs an extra $30 for the first 2 bags and $60 for the 3rd one. Additional charges on oversize baggage apply depending on weight.

Sun Country accepts cats and dogs for payment of a non-refundable fee of $125 as carry-on baggage on select flights. Speak to our advisor and he can make reservations related to baggage and pet on Sun Country Airline.

Top Flight Routes of Sun Country Airlines

Tampa ✈ Minneapolis

Seattle ✈ Minneapolis

San Francisco ✈ Minneapolis

San Diego ✈ Minneapolis

Puer✈ Vallarta ✈ Minneapolis

Portland ✈ Minneapolis

Phoenix ✈ Minneapolis

Palm Springs ✈ Minneapolis

Orlando ✈ Minneapolis

Minneapolis ✈ Tampa

Minneapolis ✈ Seattle

Minneapolis ✈ San Francisco

Minneapolis ✈ San Diego

Minneapolis ✈ Portland

Minneapolis ✈ Phoenix

Minneapolis ✈ Fort Myers

Minneapolis ✈ Denver

Miami ✈ Minneapolis

Los Angeles ✈ Minneapolis

Las Vegas ✈ Minneapolis

Harlingen ✈ Minneapolis

Fort Myers ✈ Minneapolis

Denver ✈ Minneapolis

Dallas ✈ Minneapolis

Cancún ✈ Minneapolis

Minneapolis ✈ Palm Springs

Minneapolis ✈ Orlando

Minneapolis ✈ Miami

Minneapolis ✈ Los Angeles

Minneapolis ✈ Las Vegas

 Top Destinations of Sun Country Airlines

Saint Kitts and Nevis remain a prime destination for those who love beaches of white, gray, and black sands and the rainforested mountains. Sun Country Airlines runs its weekly flights from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport to St. Kitts and also serve many connections from there.

Sun Country has also increased its fleet to The Carrebians, operating about 18 new flights to the island paradise.

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Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico is receiving a huge influx of seasonal travelers and Sun Country serves the market extensively by providing connecting flights to the other Caribbean and South American destinations.

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Top airports served by Sun Country Air

Minneapolis St Paul Airport (MSP)
Las Vegas McCarran Airport (LAS)
Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (DFW)
Los Angeles Airport (LAX)
Cancun Airport (CUN)
Portland Airport (PDX)
Orlando Airport (MCO)
San Francisco Airport (SFO)
Fort Myers SW Florida Intl Airport (RSW)
Madison Truax Field Airport (MSN)
Seattle/Tacoma Intl Airport (SEA)
Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl Airport (PHX)
Nashville Intl Airport (BNA)
Honolulu Airport (HNL)
Newark Airport (EWR)