Avianca Airlines Cheap Tickets

Avianca Airlines Cheap Tickets

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Looking for Avianca Airlines Cheap Flights Tickets

Avianca AirlinesAvianca (AV) is the flagship airline and the largest carrier of Colombia with a network stretching throughout North, South and Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe. Overall the airline flies to 189 destinations in 27 countries.

Avianca’s primary hubs are in Bogotá, Lima, Peru, and San Salvador.  Avianca’s local service is on an all-economy configuration where their long-haul aircraft has Business and Economy both.

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Avianca airline is a member of the Star Alliance enabling it to cover around 1316 destinations in 196 countries.  Discover the new experience of flying Avianca Airlines Business Class on prices that you can afford as well.

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Improve Avianca Airlines Business Class Experience

Avianca offers business class on A320s and wide-bodied Dreamliner 787s with excellent onboard product. Avianca’s Business-class has lie-flat recliners arranged in a 2-2 configuration with ample room measuring 22 inches in width and a pitch of 40-inch.

Avianca offers excellent amenities with 11″ solid IFE entertainment, headphones, blankets and pillows and a tasty meal. Avianca’s polite and helpful crew makes it a hard product worth trying with efficient service.

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Right now there are some excellent business class deals to South America on Avianca Airline at the cost of a typical economy flight.

Choose your itineraries with connections in Bogota on Avianca’s A330s and fly in the comfort of lie-flat business class seats. You can choose from angle-flat options to lie flat and recliner seating.

Avianca Airlines Flights to Bogota

Nestled high up between the cool green hills, the capital Colombia has lots of world-class attractions. Bogota is the center of arts and culture, a mecca of European colonial architecture and home to hundreds of paintings and colonial-period statues.

Bogata has a range of sites to explore like cycle-friendly green spaces to street art, graffiti-filled neighborhoods and cobbled street to explore. Bogota is also on a culinary renaissance where the food world’s biggest names are flying in for a taste.

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Flights Informartion of Avianca Airlines

DestinationSourceFirst FlightLast FlightNo. of FlightsHow To Book
Santa MartaBogota7:35 AM8:44 PM31Book
BogotaBarrancabermeja7:40 AM5:25 PM4Book
ArmeniaBogota6:35 AM10:25 PM8Book
BogotaOranjestad10:22 AM6:18 PM3Book
BogotaMedellin4:23 AM10:10 PM33Book
BogotaPereira5:59 AM10:04 PM29Book
QuitoGuayaquil6:00 AM10:00 PM16Book
QuitoBogota6:42 AM10:45 PM6Book
LimaCusco7:30 AM8:05 PM8Book
BogotaManizales7:43 AM3:03 PM4Book
Puerto VallartaMexico City7:10 AM5:00 PM9Book
MedellinCali5:30 AM10:21 PM15Book
QuitoSeymour10:05 AM3:42 PM10Book
GuayaquilPanama City9:31 AM9:49 AM4Book
San SalvadorAlajuela5:40 AM5:00 PM15Book
RiohachaBogota9:50 AM3:10 PM3Book
Los AngelesLas Vegas11:59 AM6:25 PM3Book
San SalvadorBogota4:59 AM4:45 PM3Book
San Pedro SulaSan Salvador8:26 AM8:00 PM9Book
Panama CityQuito9:17 AM5:30 PM4Book
Mexico CityBogota12:47 AM8:55 PM5Book
SantiagoBogota6:25 AM9:52 PM3Book
CancunBogota9:10 AM2:30 PM3Book
San SalvadorNew York2:55 AM10:25 AM3Book
MontrealToronto8:00 AM8:30 PM5Book
MedellinCucuta8:47 PM8:47 PM3Book
NeivaBogota6:14 AM6:56 PM6Book
Panama CityBogota6:10 AM9:10 PM7Book
BogotaValledupar6:08 AM6:48 PM11Book
BarranquillaMedellin8:14 AM6:47 PM9Book
AlajuelaCancun12:50 PM12:50 PM4Book
TorontoAlajuela5:40 AM5:40 AM4Book
Los AngelesDenver7:58 AM6:55 PM3Book
St. John’sToronto8:50 AM8:25 PM4Book
MonteriaBogota6:04 AM9:15 PM9Book
LimaMexico City2:45 PM11:55 PM4Book
Mexico CityTijuana9:35 AM5:50 PM6Book
MeridaMexico City6:05 AM9:45 PM11Book
BogotaBucaramanga5:45 AM10:10 PM30Book
San SalvadorManagua6:20 AM5:30 PM4Book
ValleduparBogota9:00 AM8:32 PM11Book
MedellinCartagena10:35 AM8:37 PM16Book
MedellinBarranquilla7:58 AM6:04 PM8Book
Los AngelesSan Luis Obispo6:00 AM7:49 PM4Book
QuitoManta7:30 AM8:15 PM5Book
BogotaPanama City3:22 AM5:39 PM8Book
BogotaLima1:35 AM9:50 PM5Book
CartagenaBogota5:59 AM11:22 PM37Book
Mexico CityGuatemala City6:40 AM6:10 PM5Book
Los AngelesSan Diego6:15 AM8:20 PM5Book
BogotaNeiva7:54 AM8:33 PM6Book
San SalvadorHouston9:35 AM6:21 PM3Book
BogotaCucuta5:31 AM9:45 PM28Book
CaliCartagena9:08 AM8:37 PM6Book
MadridBogota2:05 PM9:25 PM3Book
OranjestadBogota6:20 AM1:10 PM3Book
San DiegoLos Angeles8:15 AM10:30 PM4Book
CancunAlajuela5:40 AM5:40 AM4Book
CaliMedellin5:59 AM10:20 PM16Book
ChihuahuaMexico City6:05 AM9:40 PM9Book
QuitoSan Cristobal12:30 PM1:20 PM4Book
LimaBogota6:30 AM9:15 PM5Book
MedellinBogota5:28 AM10:30 PM33Book
BarrancabermejaBogota5:55 AM3:49 PM4Book
San SalvadorSan Pedro Sula6:25 AM5:20 PM9Book
BogotaCali4:19 AM10:15 PM35Book
Leon/GuanajuatoMexico City6:35 AM9:35 PM11Book
Dorp Sint MichielBogota6:10 AM1:12 PM3Book
LondonMunich7:45 PM7:45 PM4Book
CancunMexico City9:00 AM5:00 PM4Book
BarranquillaCali5:30 AM9:21 PM7Book
CalgaryToronto8:00 AM5:55 PM4Book
WashingtonColumbus6:00 AM7:45 PM3Book
Mexico CityChihuahua6:00 AM8:40 PM6Book
Los AngelesAlajuela12:20 PM3:13 PM4Book
WashingtonBoston6:00 AM7:35 PM3Book
BogotaSan Andres12:32 PM10:10 PM4Book
New YorkBogota5:45 AM9:05 PM3Book
VillahermosaMexico City7:15 AM9:40 PM8Book
CaliBogota5:25 AM10:15 PM37Book
Mexico CityPuerto Vallarta9:40 AM2:45 PM5Book
TijuanaMexico City6:40 AM9:15 PM8Book
HoustonWashington8:25 AM10:00 PM3Book
BogotaGuayaquil2:55 AM5:23 PM5Book
BogotaArmenia6:00 AM8:05 PM9Book
San SalvadorGuatemala City6:22 AM5:52 PM3Book
SeymourQuito6:45 AM1:47 PM10Book
AlajuelaSan Salvador8:40 AM8:25 PM14Book
San FranciscoVancouver1:45 PM8:05 PM4Book
Fort LauderdaleFreeport City1:15 PM2:15 PM3Book
PastoBogota5:53 AM3:05 PM6Book
Mexico CityMerida8:55 AM9:51 PM8Book
GuayaquilQuito6:30 AM8:25 PM17Book
Los AngelesSan Francisco9:30 AM6:30 PM6Book
ManizalesBogota6:05 AM1:25 PM4Book
BogotaBarranquilla3:58 AM9:12 PM37Book
Panama CityGuayaquil2:55 AM2:55 AM3Book
San CristobalQuito9:00 AM10:15 AM4Book
HermosilloMexico City6:00 AM9:45 PM6Book
AlajuelaLos Angeles12:15 AM11:55 PM5Book
Mexico CityLima12:30 AM10:29 AM5Book
BogotaPasto8:01 AM4:57 PM6Book
San AndresBogota9:40 AM7:15 PM4Book
QuitoPanama City3:22 AM5:39 PM4Book
Mexico CityHermosillo6:05 AM6:20 PM7Book
BogotaIbague7:18 AM7:29 PM4Book
GuayaquilBogota6:40 AM9:15 PM5Book
IbagueBogota5:57 AM6:04 PM4Book
San FranciscoLos Angeles6:30 AM5:00 PM4Book
BarranquillaBogota5:34 AM11:05 PM37Book
GuadalajaraMexico City7:00 AM8:00 PM11Book
ChicagoHouston2:20 PM7:40 PM3Book
Fort LauderdaleAlice Town1:20 PM2:15 PM3Book
VeracruzMexico City6:10 AM6:30 PM8Book
San SalvadorWashington4:30 AM4:25 PM4Book
BogotaCartagena4:00 AM10:22 PM39Book
BucaramangaBogota5:56 AM10:15 PM30Book
Mexico CityLeon/Guanajuato8:10 AM10:40 AM4Book
CartagenaMedellin8:55 AM7:00 PM15Book
CuscoLima5:40 AM6:15 PM8Book
BogotaMonteria6:03 AM7:28 PM9Book
CucutaBogota5:53 AM10:19 PM28Book
San SalvadorNew York4:00 PM6:30 PM3Book
WashingtonSan Salvador8:15 AM8:14 PM4Book
Mexico CityMonterrey10:20 AM9:38 PM12Book
GuayaquilSan Cristobal12:30 PM1:20 PM4Book
San CristobalGuayaquil10:40 AM11:50 AM4Book
OttawaToronto7:10 AM6:10 PM6Book
Los AngelesHonolulu7:00 AM9:45 PM4Book
CartagenaCali7:00 AM5:17 PM6Book
MedellinBucaramanga7:40 PM7:40 PM3Book
Mexico CityVeracruz10:15 AM8:05 PM6Book
BogotaSanta Marta6:30 AM10:14 PM31Book
Mexico CityGuadalajara10:20 AM9:20 PM11Book
Mexico CitySan Salvador8:44 AM7:59 PM4Book
MiamiBogota6:45 AM8:45 PM3Book
MantaQuito6:00 AM6:45 PM5Book
CaliBarranquilla6:00 AM8:29 PM8Book
San SalvadorMexico City6:00 AM5:50 PM5Book
BogotaMexico City1:25 AM6:35 PM5Book
Mexico CityCancun9:20 AM8:10 PM7Book
Guatemala CityMexico City8:20 AM9:45 PM4Book
PereiraBogota5:58 AM10:14 PM28Book
BogotaQuito3:20 AM5:30 PM8Book
SeymourGuayaquil8:20 AM11:55 AM6Book
BogotaCancun4:45 PM7:10 PM3Book
GuayaquilSeymour10:05 AM1:30 PM4Book
MonterreyMexico City6:05 AM8:00 PM11Book
BogotaNew York12:10 AM1:55 PM3Book
San FranciscoBurbank3:53 PM8:05 PM3Book

Popular Avianca Airlines Business Class Routes

  • Miami (MIA) to Bogota (BOG) for a round trip starts from $700.
  • New York’s to Quito roundtrip starting from for $750
  • New York’s JFK to Guayaquil, Ecuador is priced around $780 for a round-trip
  • Fort Lauderdale to Bogota on a roundtrip for $820
  • Fly from Orlando international to Bogota on a roundtrip for around $924
  • New York’s JFK international to Santa Cruz de La Sierra, Bolivia for just $920 for a round-trip
  • New York’s JFK international to La Paz, Bolivia roundtrip fare starting from $920

Avianca Airlines International Destinations

AlicanteSpainALCLEALAlicante–Elche Airport
AmsterdamNetherlandsAMSEHAMAmsterdam Airport Schiphol
AraucaColombiaAUCSKUCSantiago Pérez Quiroz Airport
ArmeniaColombiaAXMSKAREl Edén International Airport
AsunciónParaguayASUSGASSilvio Pettirossi International Airport
Bahía SolanoColombiaBSBSKBSJosé Celestino Mutis Airport
BarcelonaSpainBCNLEBLBarcelona–El Prat Airport
BarrancabermejaColombiaEJASKEJYariguíes Airport
BarranquillaColombiaBAQSKBQErnesto Cortissoz International Airport
BostonUnited StatesBOSKBOSLogan International Airport
BridgetownBarbadosBGITBPBGrantley Adams International Airport
BucaramangaColombiaBGASKBGPalonegro International Airport
Buenos AiresArgentinaEZESAEZMinistro Pistarini International Airport
CaliColombiaCLOSKCLAlfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport
CancúnMexicoCUNMMUNCancún International Airport
CaracasVenezuelaCCSSVMISimon Bolivar International Airport
CartagenaColombiaCTGSKCGRafael Núñez International Airport
ChicagoUnited StatesORDKORDO’Hare International Airport
CorozalBelizeCZHMZCZCorozal Airport
CúcutaColombiaCUCSKCCCamilo Daza International Airport
FlorenciaColombiaFLASKFLGustavo Artunduaga Paredes Airport
Fort LauderdaleUnited StatesFLLKFLLFort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport
FrankfurtGermanyFRAEDDFFrankfurt Airport
Guatemala CityGuatemalaGUAMGGTLa Aurora International Airport
GuayaquilEcuadorGYESEGUJosé Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport
HavanaCubaHAVMUHAJosé Martí International Airport
IbaguéColombiaIBESKIBPerales Airport
La PazBoliviaLPBSLLPEl Alto International Airport
LeticiaColombiaLETSKLTAlfredo Vásquez Cobo International Airport
LimaPeruLIMSPIMJorge Chávez International Airport
LondonUnited KingdomLHREGLLLondon Heathrow International Airport
LondonUnited KingdomLGWEGKKLondon Gatwick International Airport
Los AngelesUnited StatesLAXKLAXLos Angeles International Airport
MadridSpainMADLEMDAdolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport
ManizalesColombiaMZLSKMZLa Nubia Airport
MedellínColombiaEOHSKMDOlaya Herrera Airport
MedellínColombiaMDESKRGJosé María Córdova International Airport
Mexico CityMexicoMEXMMMXMexico City International Airport
MiamiUnited StatesMIAKMIAMiami International Airport
MonteríaColombiaMTRSKMRLos Garzones Airport
MontevideoUruguayMVDSUMUCarrasco International Airport
MunichGermanyMUCEDDMMunich Airport
NeivaColombiaNVASKNVBenito Salas Airport
New York CityUnited StatesJFKKJFKJohn F. Kennedy International Airport
NuquíColombiaNQUSKNQReyes Murillo Airport
OranjestadArubaAUATNCAReina Beatrix International Airport
OrlandoUnited StatesMCOKMCOOrlando International Airport
Panama CityPanamaPTYMPTOTocumen International Airport
ParisFranceCDGLFPGCharles de Gaulle Airport
ParisFranceORYLFPOOrly Airport
PastoColombiaPSOSKPSAntonio Nariño Airport
PereiraColombiaPEISKPEMatecaña International Airport
PopayánColombiaPPNSKPPGuillermo León Valencia Airport
Punta CanaDominican RepublicPUJMDPCPunta Cana International Airport
QuibdóColombiaUIBSKUIEl Caraño Airport
QuitoEcuadorUIOSEQUMariscal Sucre International Airport
Rio de JaneiroBrazilGIGSBGLRio de Janeiro–Galeão International Airport
RiohachaColombiaRCHSKRHAlmirante Padilla Airport
RomeItalyFCOLIRFLeonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport
San Andrés IslandColombiaADZSKSPGustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport
San JoséCosta RicaSJOMROCJuan Santamaría International Airport
San JuanPuerto RicoSJUTJSJLuis Muñoz Marín International Airport
San SalvadorEl SalvadorSALMSLPMonseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport
Santa CruzBoliviaVVISLVRViru Viru International Airport
Santa MartaColombiaSMRSKSMSimón Bolívar International Airport
SantiagoChileSCLSCELComodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport
Santo DomingoDominican RepublicSDQMDSDLas Américas International Airport
São PauloBrazilGRUSBGRSão Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport
StockholmSwedenARNESSAStockholm Arlanda Airport
TumacoColombiaTCOSKCOLa Florida Airport
ValenciaVenezuelaVLNSVVAArturo Michelena International Airport
ValenciaSpainVLCLEVCValencia International Airport
ValleduparColombiaVUPSKVPAlfonso López Pumarejo Airport
VillavicencioColombiaVVCSKVVLa Vanguardia Airport
Washington, D.C.United StatesIADKIADWashington Dulles International Airport
WillemstadCuraçaoCURTNCCHato International Airport
YopalColombiaEYPSKYPEl Alcaraván Airport
ZürichSwitzerlandZRHLSZHZürich Airport

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Avianca Airlines Baggage Policy

International Flights

Between the United States, Canada and Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, ChileUSD 260USD 150
Between the United States, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador and PeruUSD 260USD 150
Between Mexico and Colombia, Ecuador and PeruUSD 260USD 150
From and to MexicoUSD 235USD 150
Between the United States, Canada and Costa Rica, Nicaragua and HondurasUSD 235USD 150
Between the United States, Canada and Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, PanamaUSD 235USD 150
Between countries in Central AmericaUSD 235USD 150
Between Central and South AmericaUSD 235USD 150
From and to the CaribbeanUSD 235USD 150
Between countries in South AmericaUSD 235USD 150
From and to EuropeEUR 240EUR 100


Domestic Flights

OverdimensioningCOP 100.000 per pieceUSD 25 per pieceUSD 80 per piece
OverweightCOP 90.000 per pieceUSD 15 per pieceUSD 40 per piece


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