About us

About us

by George Shoun

Cheap Airline Tickets started with a group of passionate travel experts and quickly climbed up the ladder by providing the most affordable airfares with top of the rung booking services. We live by our dream of making travel cheap and within the reach of everyone.

When it comes to offering the cheapest airfares, we do not restrict ourselves to catering to a particular category of travelers. For us, a bag packer and an instinctive wayfarer is equally important as the premium segment traveler who won’t settle for anything less than blue-chip facilities and personalized booking. For that matter, we have a dedicated team to look into the finest aspect of premium segment bookings. Although the business class is a premium experience, we believe that it need not burn a hole in your pocket.

Regardless of the class you fly, all our customers get the best in class end to end booking support services from booking to de-boarding along with the guaranteed cheapest airfare rates that exist in the market.

Talk to our advisor 1(800)871-7907 who can suggest ways to cut on prices further with early bookings, connecting flights, and wider options of origin.

Get rid of confusing layout and charts; don’t hop from site to site garnering volatile data that changes every second. Whatever is shown as the cheapest rate on an aggregator or meta-search site, we believe there is always room for further significant price slash.

Lately, many airlines have taken the extra measure of pulling their fares off from booking sites but that hardly matters as years of presence in the market has made us secure affinity deals that don’t even exist in the open market.

Leave the deep digging, consolidation and cheapest procurement all on us. We have a group of diligent advisors who work relentlessly to provide cutting edge prices and to top it all, we bring to you unpublished rates you simply won’t find elsewhere.

Offering transparency in today’s competitive airfare landscape

There is nothing like making an assisted personal booking where you can discuss the caveats in detail clearly before you spend your money. cheapairline-tickets.org gives you transparent, first-hand review-based booking clearly mentioning what’s included and what isn’t covered in the fare. Our advisor will rate, appraise you of what’s included in each flight itinerary we chalk out for you like the duration, connection, type of aircraft, and quality of services & amenities available onboard which any online booking site clearly misses.

What’s more, we handle all your requests like extra baggage fee, flight ticket changes, cancellations, refunds, award booking and more.

Our facilities are open 24×7 so you can call us 1(800)871-7907 to clarify any query about price, airline policy, and potential savings from flexible fly-out dates. Even if you do not have a particular destination in mind, we have many ongoing offers, flash sales, and discounts to some of the most popular routes.